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Amy Finishes the Death Race!

July 21, 2014

I wanted to give you an update on my last race:
The Death Race is a race that singlehandedly can change someone’s life forever.

All of us have a story to tell and mine is minimal to what most people face daily, but, for me, the Death Race is that second chance I am SO lucky to have received. The Death Race is my full circle and The Death Race is my 1994 all over again that slaps me in the face and reminds me, once again, I have been given a second chance at life to get up, do, and be my absolute best.

After 66+ insane hours of The Death Race, at approximately 1:30am monday morning, the race was declared officially over and FINISHER skulls were awarded. I was beyond HONORED to receive a skull along with all the other AMAZING athletes that finished along with me. We accomplished something greater than ourselves! The athletes that did not finish are equally amazing because they had the fortitude to attempt such an extremely challenging event, dug deep, and gave it all that they had because they are doing what they loved.

Throughout The Death Race I watched tears of frustration, absolute pain, and a kind of joy that comes with a personal achievement words can not justify. I witnessed raw emotional that only comes from pushing your body to the redline and never backing off. We endured 110-120 miles of running in the mountains surrounding Pittsfield, Vermont while wearing a 50+ pound backpack with required gear along with what we felt we needed to survive in Vermont’s wilderness for 48 hours. There was constant pressure about completing challenges and meeting time cut offs.

Many will never understand what The Death Race is but this race is everything beautiful and ugly in the world at once, condensed and impossible to escape from. That is what makes it so special. That is the draw and the need to be a part of this. In the end, we all end up together, supporting each other to the finish!

120+ miles
66+ hours
15,000 foot elevation change
65 skulls awarded
250+ lives changed for the better

Gear List (REQUIRED):
Rope (40 Feet)
Tyvek Suit
Porcupine Quill
4 Yards of Buckskin
Sewing Kit (needle and thread)
Tape Measure
Knife Compass Handsaw
One Adult Diaper
$100.00 cash
Work Gloves

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